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Repair Services

Spencer Harris has been serving the drilling industry for over 75 years and can provide complete repair services for drilling equipment needs.


Spencer Harris can provide repairs, rebuilds and upgrades on most models and makes of drawworks. With the complete rebuilds, all components are inspected, bearings and defective parts are replaced, rebuilt and tested, and returned to industry standards.


Repairs and rebuilds of most makes and models of swivels are offered. All swivels are rebuilt or repaired to industry standards and tested prior to delivery.

API Drill Pipe Re-Threading

Spencer Harris can inspect and re-thread bad joints and manufacture subs to the customer's requirements.

Triplex Mud Pumps

Most makes and models of Triplex Mud Pumps are completely disassembled, inspected, and all worn and defective parts are replaced. Pumps are returned to industry standard.

Iron Roughnecks

Spencer Harris is one of the few companies with the ability to totally rebuild or repair iron roughnecks. This critical component requires an experienced team of technicians to rebuild both the complex mechanical and hydraulic components.

Drum Repair

Drawwork drums can be returned to OEM standards with new grooving, rebuild and machining of critical fits, new shafts and installation of new bearings and couplings.

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